Doug Wire Profile

My name is Doug Wire. I’m a motion graphics artist and a 3D generalist currently based in South Dakota. I worked professionally for Daktronics Creative Services from 2004 – 2013. I worked as a student for about 2 years while getting my Computer Graphics BS at DSU in Madison SD. They decided to bring me on full time when I graduated. I particularly enjoyed the job because of the variety of styles and sign sizes I got to create content for. I’ve designed content for everything from 1080i video to 13200x32px LED ribbons displays. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity create content for many major and minor league teams as well as college sports, and commercial venues.

I recently left Daktronics to become a full time motion graphics freelancer. As you can see my experience is in sports graphics, but I’m flexible, and always looking for opportunities to explore new styles and formats. My weapons of choice are the Adobe Suite, Blender 3D, and Cinema 4D. I’m also proficient with Lightwave, Mudbox, and Motion Builder. Lately I’ve been getting into videography and editing so Adobe Premier is a new tool I’ve been exploring.

Outside of design I’ve been filling my time by instructing and training at a local taekwondo gym. I also have a 3D printer that I’ve been keeping warm by making… well… about anything I can imagine. I’ve made a few prototypes and custom “whatsits” for friends and family. So far, I’ve printed a shoulder mount for my camera, a wall hanger for my router, miscellaneous 3D characters, several custom phone mounts for vehicles, a hat clip prototype, and a few replacement parts for bits that have broken around the house. It is pretty amazing that the technology exists to make my imagination solid.