Finally got a project that isn’t a marketing conceptual! It’s a Philadelphia Phillies “Charge!” crowd prompt for the Philidelphia Phillies. We (Keyframe) originally freelanced out this project, but the art director was unhappy with the results we were getting.  Fortunately for me, the freelancer was using Blender, so we snagged some of his assets and the project got passed along to me.  I more or less had to start over. The freelancer was quoted as saying “I hate AfterEffects“…. how the hell anyone can hate After  Effects, and expect to succeed in the motion graphics industry is beyond me. Needless to say, we (Keyframe) wont be likely to use him again.

Anyway, I just wrapped up the 8 second version with audio, and its been sent to the customer. The art director wanted it a little darker than I would have gone for, but he’s the art director so he gets the last say. I’ll post  a couple screenshots here as soon as everything is approved. I may also show a still of the other guys work for some comparison.

On a completely non-art related note, It’s AMAZING OUTSIDE! Its in the mid to high 30s, sun is shining and no wind! If it wasn’t for all the water out there, I’d be all about a bike ride after work.

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