I recently had the good fortune to have TeeLaunch contact me to create a web ad to promote their new Shopify app. The app is pretty slick. It is built for t-shirt designers who want to market themselves on their own website. There are other web based companies that have websites where people can upload and sell designs, but their entire brand identity is tied to their user name on that site. If the site closes up or anything else happens, you loose all the brand recognition you’d earned.
If you have your own site and use Woo Commerce or Shopify, just install the TeeLaunch app. Once it is installed it provides a clean interface where you can place the design on the shirt. You choose what styles, colors, and sizes you want your design to be available in. Then name it and set the price. The app then automatically updates your sites storefront with the new shirt, and handles the entire order and shipping process. Basically all you do is design the shirt. They do all the tedious stuff, and deposit the profit in your account. Best part is its free. Kristi and I probably try it out here one of these days.

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