I did a series of Victory Martial Arts Student Portraits. It was a personal project I thought would be cool to develop and offer to the students. Here are a few of them.

Mr Ryker was kind enough to be my test subject on this. I learned a TON from this first shoot. Unfortunately it was all the kind of learning you do when you screw stuff up and have to fix it. Pretty much all the major problems I stemmed from the foreground and background having different light temperatures. The halogen light I was using as a key light was very warm while the ceiling lights and sun provided a much cooler light. The difference gave my white balance hell. Also, I need to double check my settings and light for each new shot. I was able to mask most of the problems by working some After Effects magic, but it was extremely time consuming. I would also like to find more dynamic shots for the techniques. Its difficult for me to find a balance between an instructional and cinematic style for this kind of thing. I want to be able to tell what they’re doing, but just having the tripod sitting there is a little boring. Getting up close and personal is dynamic, but it is hard to show the strikes since they happen at varying levels. I have a couple ideas that I’m looking forward to trying on the next one. I look forward to the next shoot where I can take care of many of the issues I’ve had, discover new problems, and hopefully spend less time fixing footage and more time editing.

We’ve scheduled a couple days to shoot video for the Victory Martial Arts students who want to have a taekwondo student portrait. I’ll be crazy busy the weekend of March 23rd and an undetermined time after while I put them together. Hopefully everyone will like them.

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